Date: 3rd April 2006 at 9:28pm
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It could only happen to Carlisle, a referee called Leake (how more Welsh associated could that be) and a linesman conspired to rob United of success. From the outset, Mr Leake seemingly had one thing on his mind, to give the Swans a helping hand at costs, in the end he passed that privelige to Adebayo Akinfenwa!

United can justifiably feel bitter, a perfectly good equalising goal was disallowed, even the Swansea players were bemused by it afterwards, some apparently saying that they couldn’t understand why it was disallowed. For sure, the games opening goal was a cracker, fired home by showboater Lee Trundle. From there on it was virtaully all United. Time and again the tried to spli topen the Swans defence, only to be denid by some very late lineman decisions and even more curious refereeing of the whole affair.

When Adebayo Akinfenwa handled the ball – possibly better than any rugby player has ever done in the stadium, to control it then somehow bundle the ball past United hero Kieron Westwood, it looked a certain foul. No, the referee and lineman claimed they never saw it! TV replays are damning of their judgment, how could they deny seeing the obvious foul control? Quite simply they did because they could, for a start the linesman who must have seen it was stood right in front of the Swansea support, he bottled it, no question about it. The referee, well lets just say he was devoid of all common sense throughout the ninety minutes and will hopefully never be allowed to referee at such an important fixture ever again.

That said, United were the heroes of the day, they simply didnt deserve to lose. Had it been a better referee and match officials all round then victory would surely have been theirs. As some of the Swansea supporters told me after the game,
‘he’s a quality referee that one, he gave us everything’ ‘we feel sorry for you today, the ref was pathetic’. When victorious supporters make such statements it tells you an awful lot. Still its gone now – Mr Leake and his sidekick lineman will hopefully disappear into obscurity forever, having had their little bit of fame on national television.

As for United, they face Grimsby Town on Saturday in a fixture the visitors must win if they are to successfly try to topple United from top spot in the league. The seasons biggest attendance at Brunton Park is expected for this game, as United press on in their challenge for promotion.